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About Individual Cakes

I have been involved in the catering business for over 15 years and have always had a passion for baking. I trained as a chef and specialised in pastry but my heart always pulled me to the confectionary side of the trade.


I moved to Swansea in 2000 and have worked in different catering businesses in the area since then. I have made cakes to give as gifts to my close friends and my family for years, and as time has progressed it became a discussion point and moment of anticipation to see what cake design I would come up with at the next birthday.


The last year has been a very challenging one as it has been for many people, but with the help and support of my family and friends I am turning my lifelong passion into my dream.

From concept to reality

I constantly strive to better each design and creation. I can discuss an idea with you and then develop that concept into a stunning and delicious cake. The challenge is to provide the design you want in the most visually impacting way. Presentation is everything, but rest assured, the flavour will match the appearance of your unique celebration cake.



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Tel: 07894 310476 or 01792 809601


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